terça-feira, 15 de setembro de 2009

E-mail Marketing - Tips

There are similarities between online dating and email marketing, it has been claimed.

According to one industry expert, people searching the internet for advice on love have been given tips that could be used in the world of email marketing.

Writing for eConsultancy, Meghan Keane said that much like in the world of digital dating, firms should keep their email marketing messages short, relevant and useful.

She also claimed that marketing firms, like online daters, should not expect a 100 per cent response rate, with people using online dating generally achieving a 32 per cent with their first message.

"The rules of online dating - and marketing - can get rather murky, but paying close attention to messaging in both helps weed out the dogs from future relationships you might want to pursue," she said.

Meanwhile, industry analyst KDB polled internet users and found that 54 per cent received email marketing which was not relevant to them.

Fonte: globalgold.co.uk

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